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Created by Seungwoo Son and Ashley Jieun Lee

About Us

We are college students studying computer science at MIT and UC Berkeley.

Everyday there are all kinds of crimes happening around us. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive real time crime data so that our users can easily visualize the risk of any location.


Crime Map

We provide data and service that will keep people safe at anytime at anywhere. Go to any location by entering address into the search box of the map below.

Enter any location in San Francisco Bay Area. e.g. Mission and 18th streets, SF


We collect data from local news media and compare them with official police report. Crime data published by police departments may take weeks to be updated and often cover only specific locations.

By adding crime data crawled from credible news articles and procession them with various machine learning techniques, we can provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date content to our users via user-friendly interactive map.

Red dots are collected from crawling news media and the yellow dots are from the police data base.


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Our ultimate goal is provide crime data of the entire United States, and furthermore the world.
With our data, we hope we can keep people safe wherever they go.

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